Consumer Sector
FAX ARCHIVE   March 2020
Date  Subject Descriptive Information
March 31 WHEN WILL THEY BE ABLE TO SPEND? Comparison to 2008 Stimulus; Stimulus Might Not Be Seen Until Mobility Improves; Lower Income Receives The Most; Not Like 2007;  Mortgage Debt Burden Low; Mortgage  Payment Share of Income Low In All Age Groups
March 26 READY, WILLING, BUT WILL THEY BE ABLE? Beware Initial Claims Wage growth Falers, Income Gets Stimulus Boost; Durables, Recreational Sericestake Biggest Hit, Nondurables Benefits from Food;  Outlook Is For Yr/Yr Declines through Early 2020. Perhaps We Are Underestimating the Rebound?; Vehicle Sales, Housing Dip; Borrowing Power Rises 
March 23 HOW LONG? Mortgage REFI & Appas Rise; Non Store Retail Surge; Lodging Hit Similar to Asia-Pacific; Total Jobs Better than Private; Spending Prospects Likely Hurt by Less At-Home Needs. 
March 16 DATA GOES BAD Mood Declines; Job Outlook Worsens; Lodging Heads South; Mortgage Apps Up On REFI's; Air Travel Reminiscent Of 9/11; Freight Pick Up At Risk
March 9 HELP FOR THE CONSUMER Jobs Gain from Warm Weather, With Transportation & Leisure Offset Bh Census; Some Good News,Nut Slower wQ Likely; No Consumer Debt Crisis; Big Savings From Lower Energy Costs; Sentiment Unlikely to Hold
March 4 WHAT HAPPENED WHEN 911 A Late Cycle Shock; Wealth Was Financial; Rate Cuts Helped Financials & Housing; Spending Recovered Quickly at Low Mood Lingered; Autos Went Into Promotion Mode; Census & Tax Refunds are + for Now
March 2 WHAT WE KNOW AND DON'T KNOW Covie-19 Has Hurt Lodging; Retail Sales Pace Up in January. Covid-19 to Provide Additional Boost; Consumer Moods Fade But Don't Look Like At A Peak; Home Sales Should Have Been Better; Consumer Wages Revised Down
March 2 BEST OF MOMENTUM Consumer Spending Highlights

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